Kara Walker and Santigold Collaborated on a Music Video and It's Amazing / by Kate Palisay

When I heard that Kara Walker was involved in the creation of Santigold's new music video for her song, "Banshee," I immediately pressed play. The music video is an upbeat, fun, and candid collaboration between Walker, Santigold, Gucci collaborator (and the singer's husband) Trevor Andrew, and photographer Ari Marcopoulos. According to T Magazine, the project began after a chance encounter at the Gucci F/W show. 

One of my favorite artists, Walker and her signature shadow puppet figures have been the subject of my own research papers. Unlike much darker themes like slavery and oppression that have been the subject of Walker's shadow art in the past, these figures take on a light-hearted spirit as they dance to the electro-pop beat of Banshee.

I love the end result of this low-tech shoot, and I can't get enough of the mood boosting (and dance-ready) track of Banshee.